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Yay or nay? I say yay. Definitely yay. Oh, and yes the tail actually DOES light up, it has LEDs inside which light up in the colors of a rainbow! Here’s the video of the test on the tail lights, though this was done very early in the process of making it! x
Kitty Cat Katarina by Danielle Beaulieu
Arcade Hecarim by Nick Poulos
Taken at PAX East 2014

#look at this#just look at this#it’s not about some fucking mini-bar in a motel room#it’s not about dean’s tired sarcastic crack#it’s about that moment when you’re at the complete end of your rope#but somewhere across the distance there’s someone who cares about you#despite what you are and what you will become#the tiny pinprick of candlelight in the blanket of dark (via yellow-turtle)